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CN-200944608-Y: 螺旋式排线翻盖手机 patent, CN-200945014-Y: 一种组合式挂壁蚊帐 patent, CN-200946117-Y: 折流式潜流人工湿地 patent, CN-200946118-Y: Aerating device patent, CN-200946678-Y: Novel water-saving valve patent, CN-200947433-Y: Fixing structure for heat radiator patent, CN-200947814-Y: 一种模杯与花边贴合的文胸 patent, CN-200947930-Y: Storage tank at corner patent, CN-200948069-Y: Sealing structure of the water flow port of a water dispenser patent, CN-200948127-Y: 吸管式全小肠镜 patent, CN-200948218-Y: 俯卧式腰椎间盘突出理疗床 patent, CN-200948429-Y: 锤式粉碎机 patent, CN-200948650-Y: 天花板剪板机 patent, CN-200948969-Y: 微型振动给料机 patent, CN-200949316-Y: Slot filling adhesive injector patent, CN-200949944-Y: 太阳光自动跟踪聚光太阳能利用装置 patent, CN-200950065-Y: Semi-automatic splint device patent, CN-200950539-Y: 固线开合扣 patent, CN-200950676-Y: 电磁发热装置 patent, CN-200951016-Y: 可快速降温的烧水壶 patent, CN-200951863-Y: Combined bottle cap patent, CN-200952003-Y: 家用肥皂成型机 patent, CN-200952038-Y: 一种可实现带钢无斑酸洗的连续式酸洗机组 patent, CN-200953136-Y: Rocking to left and to right roller mouse patent, CN-200954044-Y: Water-drinking machine of fixed water-supplying patent, CN-200955620-Y: Hand-driven, automatic integrated valve regulation device patent, CN-200956061-Y: Ultraviolet filtering film patent, CN-200956502-Y: Functional position operating mechanism for draw-out circuit breaker patent, CN-200957011-Y: Electric heater for thermos bottle patent, CN-200957251-Y: Health-care therapeutical equipment for wide-frequency electromagnetic-wave specturm patent, CN-200957367-Y: 一种三合一碎纸机 patent, CN-200957587-Y: 轻便瓜果刀 patent, CN-200958110-Y: On-line loss inspecting encloser of cooling plate for blast furnace patent, CN-200958188-Y: Base of automatic sharpening cutter patent, CN-200958220-Y: Multi-purpose equipment with snow-removing and ditching functions patent, CN-200958742-Y: 防水散热装置及制冷式红外线发射器 patent, CN-200958969-Y: 光信号测量仪的防尘帽 patent, CN-200959053-Y: 镀膜复合光学眼镜 patent, CN-200959154-Y: 电力线防盗报警器 patent, CN-200959992-Y: Double composite layers folding type bamboo splint mat patent, CN-200960006-Y: Cup cover for tea cup with a cover patent, CN-200960266-Y: Gas bag patent, CN-200960597-Y: Device for assembling mechanical product patent, CN-200960751-Y: Double-layer PET composite plastic steel plate patent, CN-200960825-Y: Electric vehicle auxiliary wheel patent, CN-200961162-Y: Oil-free dry-type vehicle head and end multi-motor drafting and transmission device for ring spinning frame patent, CN-200961248-Y: Sucking nozzle of road-sweeping machine patent, CN-200961442-Y: 高压带电作业绝缘梯 patent, CN-200961532-Y: Diamond like carbon film steel oil ring patent, CN-200962023-Y: 折叠式六面球体深孔爆破装药隔渣器 patent, CN-200962068-Y: Test device of single pole ocean platform whirl motion model patent, CN-200962797-Y: Rotating type automatic temperature controlling thin pancake making machine patent, CN-200963049-Y: Microwave and refrigeration two-purpose utensil patent, CN-200964540-Y: Wedge sealing device of double-net pulp-squeezing press patent, CN-200964837-Y: Detachable perforating and fracturing sand-control device patent, CN-200964872-Y: Combined type bi-directional current generation device patent, CN-200965050-Y: One-way output device patent, CN-200965498-Y: Gas pre-treatment device patent, CN-200965601-Y: LCD panel backlight heat dissipation device patent, CN-200965855-Y: Outdoor AC high voltage jet type fuse patent, CN-200966314-Y: 开裆裤 patent, CN-200967743-Y: Full-automatic multi-headed trussed-beam closed loading crane pipe patent, CN-200969153-Y: Digitalized storage system for language teaching patent, CN-200969168-Y: Inertia centrifugal experiment instrument patent, CN-200969288-Y: Safe switch apparatus for paper chipper patent, CN-200969471-Y: 90 degree connector for supermarket container lamp patent, CN-200969810-Y: Pet comb patent, CN-200969893-Y: Slippers with separatable upper patent, CN-200970575-Y: 胶泥注胶机 patent, CN-200970652-Y: Multifunctional miller special for railway vehicle patent, CN-200970843-Y: 封模止漏装置 patent, CN-200971251-Y: 多功能智能垃圾桶 patent, CN-200971817-Y: 汽机车进气结构 patent, CN-200971914-Y: Torsion rotation mechanism patent, CN-200972381-Y: Electronic display callipers patent, CN-200973027-Y: Emergency power supply device for photoelectric equipment patent, CN-200973319-Y: Mosquito-repellent incense stand patent, CN-200973726-Y: Clamp for surgical suture patent, CN-200974328-Y: 吹气模针 patent, CN-200974384-Y: 一种新型笔记本 patent, CN-200974452-Y: Automobile heat sink patent, CN-200974615-Y: Double-chamber gas-bag buffer means patent, CN-200974627-Y: 托盘收缩包装机 patent, CN-200975012-Y: 节水坐便器 patent, CN-200975155-Y: 新式车锁 patent, CN-200975916-Y: Body weight scale patent, CN-200976412-Y: 电子卡连接器 patent, CN-200976620-Y: 具有验钞功能的手机 patent, CN-200976905-Y: 具照明功能的眼镜盒 patent, CN-200977025-Y: 一种高度可调式枕头 patent, CN-200977119-Y: Improved water-filtering device for cleaner patent, CN-200978018-Y: 液体自立袋软包装灌装机 patent, CN-200978419-Y: 基础施工用打桩沉管 patent, CN-200979273-Y: 水、火接触换热式热水机 patent, CN-200979894-Y: 能提升焊接强度的电池定位弹片 patent, CN-200979980-Y: A cable fixed head with a sealing element patent, CN-200980682-Y: 多功能体腔粘膜定标活检治疗仪 patent, CN-200981728-Y: 蛋糕盒 patent, CN-200981938-Y: 烘干型滚筒洗衣机 patent, CN-200982135-Y: Rotary buffering device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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